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Over 800 million people use augmented reality (AR) on a daily basis on their smartphone. Today you too can surprise your customers and fans with augmented reality. Choose your solution and determine whether you want to create AR content yourself or work with experienced content creators from one of our partners to start publishing your awesome content right away.


Marvellous Virtual Experiences


Want to enrich your educational content with immersive experiences and add AR learning to your teaching portfolio? Elevate your students’ engagement with 3D models and environments using AR for primary schools, secondary schools, universities, or employee education.


With the free Fectar smartphone app, you can delight potential customers with immersive shopping experiences. Create attractive shopping environments and guide customers to your company’s new Webshop.


Augmented reality opens up new avenues for the training and onboarding of new customers, partners and employees. No more need for cumbersome whiteboard training or boring video guides. Instead, start creating interactive learning experiences by incorporating interactive 3D layers into your real-world training environment.


Augmented reality changes the way we discover, design and deploy new solutions and products. For example, working with virtual replicas of a physical product in AR enables you to create an environment where changes can be made with almost identical results as they would in the physical space. Fectar delivers new methods for users without the need for costly Virtual Reality devices; common smartphones and tablets will do and, of course, VR devices are also still supported.


Augmented reality expands the scope of possibilities for enterprise and organization-based activities. You can host virtual meetings with your partners or invite clients to experience demos and presentations from the comfort of their own living rooms. They will be amazed by the combination of innovation in the immersive experience.

Real Estate

Digital tours are a common thing in real estate, but creating 3D tours in augmented reality will captivate the imagination of your potential buyer. Instead of watching your 3D (BIM) model on a flat screen, you can now offer them to experience an immersive 360-degree walkthrough inside the virtual home with AR & VR.


What about amazing brand-building experiences, organizing virtual concerts, or reaching your audience with personal messages as a hologram? Fectar is a source for innovative and exciting marketing opportunities in the field of marketing and is perfect for agencies that are looking to gain an edge against the competition through AR/VR experiences.

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With the assistance of Fectar Studio, you can conveniently create augmented and virtual reality presentations and environments without any coding. For seamless onboarding, we organize webinars, workshops, and one-on-one demos every week. Register for a free 14-day trial and get your content published in AR & VR!


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You can use the Fectar Free Augmented Reality (AR) app to test and completely implement your augmented/virtual reality products and presentations, or opt for Web AR and Web VR to fully realize your AR/VR vision.


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