Start now with Augmented and Virtual Reality 

Fectar is a Platform for Creating and Publishing interactive and immersive 3D scenes in Augmented and Virtual Reality without any programming or software installation

More than 2 million

users worldwide!


AR and VR will change the way we learn, shop, play and work

Fectar user statistics from 2020:

7.5 million

Interactive 3D Scenes viewed


Supported Languages

2 million

Users (and counting....)


3D Scenes created

2.1 million

Pictures taken



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Start now with

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Higher overall Revenue through:

    Increased Customer Engagement

    Immersive Brand Experience

    Increase Brand Awareness

    A positive Connection with your Company

Now is the time

Because AR & VR with Fectar is:

  • interactive with buttons

  • immersive experience

  • 360 degree views

  • multiple 3D objects

  • multimedia content

    and we help you get started
    with easy to use templates


Fectar Studio supports both Augmented AND Virtual Reality 





Download app with hundreds of AR/VR use-cases

Google ARCore required


Fectar Studio

Get started in minutes

  • Add images, video and 3D models

  • Add buttons, questions and audio

  • Free resources and tutorials

  • No programming

  • No software installation


We are making the
AR dream come true

What our Users are saying

and more...

Learn how to be successful with AR and VR

We're here to help!

You can book a free consultancy with our experts to understand how we can enhance your business with our services.

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Google ARCore required

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