Democratizing the Metaverse for 3 billion people

The jury is still out on the definition of the Metaverse. Still, we know that VR and AR are the standard interface to experience the Metaverse. There are ‘only’ 24 million VR devices globally, but 3 billion smartphones are already capable of AR Metaverse experiences (immersive, interactive, collaborative, and data-connected) with Fectar.

The Launch of Fectar

In 2018, Eugène Kuipers and Rens Lensvelt decided the time had come to launch a Content Management System for Augmented Reality. It took a year to create a user-friendly and simple platform that allows everyone to publish their content in Augmented and Virtual Reality. The Fectar Platform was released in early 2020, and things really took off in April 2021 with massive traction. Millions of people have downloaded the free Fectar app and use it on a daily basis to explore AR. We are fast growing towards millions of users worldwide… Join us on our journey!

We make the Metaverse Dream
come true for everyone

We believe the Metaverse has the potential to change how people perceive, communicate with and move through the world they’re in. And we want as many people at schools, in companies and creators as possible to have access to this cutting-edge technology. 

We’re on a mission to democratise the Metaverse creation and experiences, pushing it quickly to the mass market. No coding required, no software installation, no additional hardware, just a dream to realize.

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The Dream Team

Our team consists of experienced experts in their respective fields: spatial UX Design, programming, IT architecture, community building, data science, social media content creation and more. We are all on a journey together to create long term added value with AR and VR. Together we are making the AR dream come true!

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Advisory Board

Fectar’s advisory board is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. This influential group serves to shape Fectar’s strategic agendas by providing an ongoing pipeline of ideas, knowledge and advice to the Management Team. The Fectar Advisory Board currently consists of three members.

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Investor relations

Following the completion of our seed funding in early 2021, we are now moving on to Series A funding in Q4 ’21 / Q1 ’22. If you are interested in participating in this series A round, please send us your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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