Creating the
AR & VR ‘wow’

With a team of dedicated professionals we are creating amazing solutions for our customers on a daily basis and the Fectar app is used worldwide to experience augmented & virtual reality.

In 2018, Eugène Kuipers, Dennis de Laat, and Rens Lensvelt decided the time had come to launch an augmented reality Content Management System Platform. It took a year to create a user-friendly and simple platform that allows everyone to publish their content in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Both the CMS platform Fectar Studio and the app Fectar were released in early 2020, and things really took off in April 2021 with massive traction. Millions of people have downloaded the Fectar app and use it on a daily basis to explore augmented reality. We are fast growing towards millions of users worldwide… Join us on our journey!


When it comes to publishing your content on AR/VR, you have two options. Invest in your own platform and accept a monthly update budget or go with Fectar, the largest CMS platform. You can concentrate on creating amazing content and we will ensure that people all over the world can access it on any device. Today, next month and three years from now are all possibilities.

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The Fectar team, with a background in gaming and entrepreneurship, is ready to make the augmented reality dream a reality. Because of Covid-19, we mostly work from home. You can also find us in our fantastic office in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

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Our team consists of experienced experts in their respective fields: spatial UX Design, programming, IT architecture, community building, data science, social media content creation and more. We are all on a journey together to create long term added value with AR and VR. Together we are making the AR dream come true!

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Together we make
the AR dream come true



Join us on
our journey



Come and work in an innovative field with a young and enthusiastic team. And become part of a rapidly expanding company that is conquering the world of augmented and virtual reality. Take a look at all of the available positions; let’s have a cup of coffee!

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Investor relations

Following the completion of our seed funding in early 2021, we are now moving on to Series A funding in Q4 ’21 / Q1 ’22. If you are interested in participating in this series A round, please send us your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Growing towards millions of users worldwide



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Advisory Board

Fectar’s advisory board is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. This influential group serves to shape Fectar’s strategic agendas by providing an ongoing pipeline of ideas, knowledge and advice to the Management Team. The Fectar Advisory Board currently consists of three members.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality are on the rise and we are frequently asked to comment on AR and VR developments and innovations. And we share our own milestones in press releases. Do you need more info? Or you are looking for copyright free AR and VR material? Contact us, we are here to help you.

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