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Fectar is about you

and your success

Every day we are looking for new ways for your message to excel in Augmented and Virtual Reality. We want to enable you to make the best possible presentations in AR and VR. To create the best blended courses, for you customers, for your student. To create the best interactive manuals for your products. To immerse every viewer into memorable mixed reality.


Because if you are successful, we are successful.

Our story

Three friends and a bold new vision

In August 2018, three friends – Eugène Kuipers, Rens Lensvelt and Dennis de Laat – founded Fectar, a first Content Management System focused on implementing Augmented Reality built with Microsoft technologies. Rens, after developing one presentation after another, saw the potential of new platforms for smartphones. And he decided to write a script to view AR with his own 4 years old ordinary smartphone. He didn’t know it then, but he had just written Fectar’s first code.

Hard work with ups and downs

It wasn’t easy, and many thought we were crazy for trying, but one year later, the team launched the first iteration of Fectar’s digital experience platform. The platform created a incredible Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for each app visitor. The foundation was laid for Fectar Studio of today.

Strong growth in AR and VR

In 2020, the AR market grew further and further, up to 1.4 billion smartphone. The development of both ARCore and ARKit increased every month. And with new devices for Virtual Reality, new products entered the market almost weekly, with lower prices and more features.

To learn AR & VR you need a tool

"Well, if we started," Pippi said. "First of all, I would like to buy a piano."

"Yes, but Pippi", Tommy said, "you can not play the piano anyway?"


"How can I know that if I have never tried it", Pippi replied. "I have never had a piano to try. And let me tell you, Tommy, playing piano without piano, that takes a lot of effort to learn. "

From: "Pippi Longstocking Goes on Board"

To learn to play the piano, you need a piano

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Google ARCore required

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