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Sample 360 Degree Image

This image as a sample for your first Space in Fectar Studio. It's our office!

Sample Video

Download this video as a sample for your first Space in Fectar Studio.


Sample 3D Object: GLTF

Download this 3D object as a sample for your first Space in Fectar Studio.


This is a .zip-file with a GLTF 3D object. Please do not upzip the file. You upload the zip-file to Fectar Studio.

TIP: make sure you set the height of the 3D object. If it is zero, it will not be visible.


Source: NASA Visualization Technology Applications and Development (VTAD)

Free 3D content from NASA

glTF File (3D Model) 10.9 MB

Hubble Space Telescope

glTF File (3D Model) 11.3 MB

Curiosity Mars Rover

glTF File (3D Model) 12.3 MB

Planet Earth

Sample Holographic Presenter

Download this movie with a Holographic Presenter in front of a green screen as a sample for your first Space in Fectar Studio

Settings for sample Holographic Presenter

No video editing required. Just upload your green screen recording. Fectar Studio will remove the green background automatically.

For this sample you use these settings:

  • Chroma Background Color:   #88FD56

  • Cut Off:   0.25

  • Presenter height:   185

  • Position head:   95

  • Position feet:   5

In the free course Augmented Reality Creator ADVANCED you can learn more about making your own holopresenter.

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download android.png

Google ARCore required

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