3D Objects

By publishing your 3D content, you can create immersive AR experiences. Imagine your customers or fans being able to walk around your creation; they will remember it for a long time.

The 3D world is rapidly approaching; innovators in all sectors, as well as large tech companies, are heavily investing in 3D in conjunction with augmented reality. Companies of all sizes benefit from the publication of 3D objects in augmented reality because it creates new experiences. Look through the solutions to see what might work for you.

Supporting most formats 

Our platform prefers GLTF, OBJ, and Unity3D files, but most other 3D formats can be easily converted to GLTF or OBJ.

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Supported devices 

Once you’ve uploaded your 3D object to the platform, it can be viewed by a variety of devices (smartphones, tablets, browsers, and VR devices) and platforms (Android & iOS).

Create in minutes! 

Once you’ve uploaded your amazing 3D object to Fectar Studio, it can be viewed on any device. Real augmented reality and immersive experiences will astound your employees or clients.

3D Objects

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