Holographic Person

With the holopresenter viewers can place someone in their own livingroom or office. Filmed in front of a green screen, easily uploaden in Fectar Studio en ready to present yourself or one of your colleagues within minutes. The perfect idea for product introductions, events, influencing and personal messages.

What about surprising your target audience with a completely new method of personal contact? It may appear difficult, but believe us when we say it is incredibly simple and quick. All you need is a green screen and a smartphone. Make a video in front of the green screen and you’ll be able to send your personal holopresenter to whomever you want in minutes.

Green screen video

Use one of our ready-to-go tabletop stages and customize it with your own branding, background animations, and, of course, your artist (s) as a hologram. We provide a cost-effective solution for an impressive and immersive experience.

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Remove the green

After you’ve uploaded your video to Fectar Studio, all you have to do is remove the green background; it’s as simple as that. Your holopresenter is now complete and ready for publication. You can add interactional features to your holopresenter to convert viewers into buyers or fans.

Get personal with your fans

It’s time to go to places you never thought you’d go. Users of the app can position your holopresenter anywhere, such as at home, the office, or in the middle of the woods. People who see your holopresenter can record or photograph the experience and share it on their social media accounts to increase engagement and conversion rates.

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