Remote sessions

Work together from anywhere in the world with any device! You can be in your office in Singapore and your client can be on the airport in New York. Now you can work together with the same 3D content while you are using your VR headset and your client is using his mobile devise. No more borders, this is the pure magic of AR and VR Remote Assistance.

Whether you are in the field of education, the industry or in another business, working together with Remote Sessions will change your way of thinking and working dramatically. It is accessible with almost all devices and it is realtime. Welcome to the new world of working together.

Faster and eco friendly

The time of traveling for business is changing; nowadays it is possible to work together easily in AR/VR. 

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With your Smartphone

Fectar Remote Sessions work on an average smartphone with an average internet connections. You just need the app, set up a session and within minutes your can work together in 3D!

Design, Test and Launch

Invite colleagues and clients in your own digital world and learn and improve your business together while seeing exactly what the other participants see and do. 

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Remote sessions

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