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Fectar provides enriched learning experiences, through situating the learning content in authentic contexts

Findings indicated that AR applications increase students’ academic achievement in the learning process compared to traditional methods.

One of the most important advantages of AR in terms of education is helping to create a comprehensive, blended learning environment which facilitates the development of critical thinking, problem solving and mutually cooperative communicative skills by presenting digital and physical objects together in the same environment (Dunleavy, Dede & Mitchell, 2009).

Share knowledge any place, any time, any device

Learning is fun!

How big is a polar bear? What is the difference between an African and an Asian elephant?Travel through space and visit all the planets in our solar system.

This a great way of teaching. There are tons of courses available. And you can also create your own courses.

Use technology in your classes without all the hassle

You can showcase anything you want. And this can also work multi device. With several devices at the same time, looking at the exact same content. This enables you to actually teach with 3D models while keeping eye contact with your students.

And students can view this at home with their smartphone or ipad!

Advantages for using AR in (blended) learning

Augmented Reality provides

  • practice knowledge and skills by seamlessly combining digital information with the real-world environment

  • practicing real-world scenarios,

  • interactive learning environments through interactive activities

  • save time and money in the case of highcost educational needs

  • increase collaborative learning experiences

  • enable the teaching of lessons in an innovative and interactive way

  • presenting information in 3D format, thereby facilitating students’ skill acquisition

  • positively affect students’ motivation and cognitive learning

  • develop their spatial and psychomotor-cognitive skills.

  • provide hints and feedback visually, auditorily or sensorially to improve students’ experiences can be integrated into teachers’ lecture notes.

  • abstract information to be taught can be conveyed to the students in a concrete way.

  • to observe events that they cannot easily see in a natural environment

  • AR enables students to practice what they are learning in an entertaining environment.

  • better understanding, recall, concentration, interaction, and more attractive learning environments compared with traditional learning environments.

  • increases concentration and facilitates improved subject comprehension.

  • by integrating the digital information with real-world assets simultaneously, AR helps to concretize abstract concepts, enables the use of all senses, and enhances the sense of reality, which in turn is a huge contribution to learning” (Ozdemir, 2017a).

Start teaching with AR and VR

  • No installation

  • No programming

  • Use to create

  • Fun to use

  • For teachers and students

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