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1.  Sign up for a FREE trial for Fectar Studio

You can do that here

2.  Create a Space and place content

Log in on Fectar Studio. You set up your space and content with just a few clicks. Add pictures, 3D objects, holographic presenters, streaming video, 360-degree portals and more.


Augmented Reality Creator Course - Part 1: STARTER

Augmented Reality Creator Course - Part 2: PROFESSIONAL

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Use free content from our DEMO Library

3.  View your Space with smartphone or tablet

With the free Fectar App you are now able to view your Augmented and Virtual Reality Space.

Download the free Fectar app:

4.  Share your creations with others

Share it through social media, copy the QR code in your powerpoint or business card or share a link on your website. 

It's a piece

of cake!

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That's it, you're done! Hello AR & VR World!

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Google ARCore required

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