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Fectar is currently seeking investors to fuel further growth

Company profile     

Fectar is a platform for interactive content creation and content distribution for both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

You can experience immersive 3D presentations with apps for smartphones, on your website and on wearable devices.

It is powered by a no-code CMS (Content Management System) called Fectar Studio, a Platform as a Service for AR and VR.

Massive growth

  • App launched January 2020

  • 2 million+ new installs worldwide in less than one year

  • Very low CPI across multiple social media channels 

  • Weekly significant increase in DAU / MAU


  • Monthly recurring license fees for CMS

  • Project income for 3D modelling and content development

  • Premium Content Fees

  • Donations


The Fectar team has over 25 years of AR and VR experience.

Between us, we are

  • Unity Experts

  • Full Stack Developers

  • Game Developers

  • 3D Modellers

  • Marketeers

Investor profile

Company seeks support from a financially strong partner for further growing worldwide app installations, capable of contributing also to next phase funding and experience/familiar with app growth process.


Funding need

The required level of funding sought for first phases for working capital financing is to be disclosed.

For more information - including a pitch deck - please contact:

Eugène Kuipers  -  CEO

Patrick Moreu - CCO

Bram van Mensvoort - Finance

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Google ARCore required

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