Augmented Reality for Manufacturing

Increase efficiency
Increase safety
Increase productivity
Reduce complexity

Start now with AR and VR, because in a few years this will be critical for operations, sales, training and more.

    • Upskill internal workforce and recruit for AR/VR skills
    • Centralise all AR/VR activities
    • Build AR/VR awareness across your organisation
    • Focus on identifying the right uses cases for adding value
    • Support employees in this journey
    • Prepare technology infrastructure to integrate AR/VR

Maintenance made simple

Fectar makes remote maintenance simple; simply place your installation digitally in a random location and add smart interactions such as instructions, questionnaires, and videos to make the things to do more understandable and easy to apply.

Digital Twins in your pocket

Before actual devices are built and deployed, place virtual replicas of physical devices to run simulations. You will be able to make digital twins accessible and easy to use on multiple devices by using Fectar for digital twin applications.

A Team Effort

Collaborate on projects in Fectar Studio and collaborate with a team of experts to create high-end AR projects. Members of ‘Teams’ can all see the same projects and work on them to improve them with their specific knowledge.

Remote Assistance 24/7

View and discuss your project with coworkers or partners no matter where they are or what device they are using. Publish your project in Fectar and invite others to join a session where they can discuss your topic while looking at the same project and seeing each other’s viewing directions.

Training: any time or place

Publish your training in AR/VR, and your staff or clients will gain a better understanding by virtually experiencing your instructions. Immersive learning has a much greater impact than traditional learning methods, and Fectar makes immersive learning available on any device.

Industry 4.0 is here

Publish your “smart factory” in augmented reality and work on making your systems smart in a user-friendly manner. Workflows and system integrations can be visualized in 3D, and you and your colleagues can collaborate on these projects to achieve high-impact results.

The Metaverse works for 



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