Fectar is about you and your success

How we got 3 million installs worldwide within our first year

Every day, we look for new ways to make your message stand out in Augmented and Virtual Reality. We want you to be able to give the best presentations possible in AR and VR. To develop the best-blended courses for your customers and students. To develop the most effective interactive manuals for your products. To immerse every viewer in a memorable mixed reality experience.

Together we make the AR dream come true.

Our story

Three friends and a bold new vision

In August 2018, three friends, Eugène Kuiper, Rens Lensvelt, and Dennis de Laat, founded Fectar, the first Content Management System focused on implementing Augmented Reality and built with Microsoft technologies. Rens saw the potential of new smartphone platforms after developing one presentation after another. And he decided to write a script to view augmented reality with his own 4-year-old ordinary smartphone. He didn’t realize it at the time, but he had just written Fectar’s first code.

Hard work with ups and downs

It wasn’t easy, and many thought we were crazy for trying, but the team launched the first iteration of Fectar’s digital experience platform a year later. For each app visitor, the platform creates incredible Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. Today, the groundwork for Fectar Studio was laid.

That is why Patrick Moreu has joined the team as co-founder. With his entrepreneurial skills the Fectar company started growing more and more. And new investors became part our international journey.

Strong growth in AR and VR

In 2021, the AR market will reach 1.75 billion smartphones, with over 800 million people worldwide using AR daily. Every month, the development of ARCore and ARKit accelerates. And, with the introduction of new Virtual Reality devices weekly, new products with lower prices and more features enter the market.