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Our vision

The Demand for a Content Management System

Back in 1996, when the internet and World Wide Web were upcoming, everybody said: "this might be something, but what can I do with it?". The first websites were built in HTML or Flash. And when published, would only support Internet Explorer and not Safari or good old Netscape. And every time you wanted to makes changes to your website, you had to involve a programmer. In 2001 the first Content Management Systems came to market (Drupal '01, Wordpress '03 and Joomla '05), so you could do everything yourself.

First Google Webpage 1997

Now it is about AR and VR Content

In 2020 Augmented and Virtual Reality are upcoming, and everybody says: "This might be something, but what can I do with it?". So now is the time for a Content Management System for AR and VR. It is no longer about hardware or software, now it is about the content, about your message you want to share.

Cross Platform & Multi Device

Any Device, Any Content

With a Content Management System for Augmented and Virtual Reality, you can create your own interactive experiences, without any technical skills. And it works Cross Platform, which means that your content will be made available on both AR and VR at the same time. This also means that it supports Multi Device, whether you want to use a smartphone (both Android and iOS), an ipad or a Oculus Quest, you are not dependent on hardware for your targeted audience.

Start fast and learn fast with statistics

Everybody who runs a website or webshop, knows about the importance of statistics. The same is important for your interactive AR and VR experiences. What is the best way to introduce AR and VR to the customer journey of your proposition? Is this just a short term gain, or are we on to a more long term added value? Will this give you the competitive advantage? Measure and learn. This is a very important part of over development: to give our users more insight into the long term added value of AR and VR.

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