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Dutch startup Fectar realized 2 million app downloads during the Corona crisis

January 12, 2021

After 8 years of following the developments in the field of augmented reality, the time seemed right in 2019. Together with Rens Lensvelt, Eugène Kuipers started Fectar, a worldwide platform for augmented and virtual reality. From its launch in 2020, the startup has experienced extreme growth during the Corona crisis. The first content was placed in the app on 16 April and after 8 months the counter has reached almost 2 million app downloads worldwide, making Fectar’s growth path comparable to Instagram, for example, in 2010.

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Nieuw platform voor VR en AR gamechanger voor content-industrie

January 17, 2020

Het is voor organisaties vanaf nu veel eenvoudiger om zelf virtual reality en augmented reality-oplossingen te ontwikkelen. Fectar presenteert een nieuw innovatief platform, Fectar Studio, waarmee iedereen z’n eigen VR- en AR-presentaties kan bouwen zonder te hoeven codekloppen. Een echte gamechanger op het gebied van content-creatie.

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Cross Platform CMS for AR and VR ‘Game Changer’ for Future of Content

January 20, 2020

With revolutionary technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality becoming more widely adopted by the education and business communities across the world, the need for dedicated content management systems to facilitate content creation for AR and VR is more urgent than ever.

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