Traditional retail and e-commerce websites have reached a limit that must be overcome because they do not provide enough direct information for online shoppers, particularly those looking for furniture, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other decorative items. Including augmented reality in future clients’ customer journeys will result in higher conversion rates, whether this is done by visualizing products in 3D or by presenting your assortment with a holopresenter.

Virtual store

Create your own augmented reality store to gain new customers and high conversion rates. At the same time, this will teach you how next-generation consumers shop. Showcase your product in 3D, include an additional video to back it up, and convert your audience into paying customers.

Holographic Sales

Nothing beats a personalized sales pitch from your own account manager. Create holographic videos of your employees in minutes and impress prospects by presenting your sales pitch in an innovative and user-friendly manner.

Product Demo

When it is difficult to present your new products in front of a large audience, virtually presenting your products in augmented reality is the closest you can get to your relationship. They will place you on a virtual stage where you will physically present your products.

Webshop Integration

Integrate augmented reality visualizations into your website and wow your customers by giving them the option to place and view your product in their living room, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Affiliate Program

Collaborate with Fectar and let us generate revenue for you. We will create amazing shopping experiences and direct clients directly into your webshop’s shopping basket. Grow alongside Fectar while learning how augmented reality can benefit your business.