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Metaverse Accelerator Program

Get your company ready for the Metaverse

Millions of customer experiences told us what it takes to be the best in the Metaverse. How do you get your company up to speed for the opportunities in the Metaverse? It’s easy, get started with the Accelerator Program and become a Metaverse Champion.

The customised insights:

  • Show you exactly what your company needs today
  • Analyse and compare your company to industry peers
  • Reveal the latest research on how businesses deliver the best customer experience in the Metaverse
  • Get started with Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Hot-of-the-report findings to unlock growth for your business

Fectar Services for your VR and AR projects

With Fectar Studio, you can do everything yourself. If you want more service, then we are here to help you.

Fectar also provides full service VR and AR project development.

  • We can help you define what VR and AR means to you and what parameters you need to define, measure and make decisions in order to get results.
  • Set up your immersive and interactive Augmented Reality shop.
  • Help you reduce training cost with effective VR training solutions.
  • We give support for 3D modelling: building from scratch or adjusting existing 3D formats to VR and AR friendly standards.
  • We can train you and your team to take the next steps in your Metaverse journey.
  • We can connect you with a partner nearby. 

Affordable, Effective and Simply Stunning

With Fectar you can start today. The fastest road to success in VR and AR is Fectar. One platform to create immersive and interactive experiences without programming or software installation. With ready-to-use templates, free 3D content, tutorials and analytics, you become a Creator in no time.

Find your AR and VR Solution

Fectar compared to custom build app

We pride ourselves on providing value in our platform and excellence in our service.

We understand what it takes to build amazing VR and AR experiences that not only perform great on all different devices but also captivate visitors, create business potential, and accelerate innovation.

We do whatever it takes to make your Metaverse journey a success.