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Create virtual experiences that matter

Currently more than 1.75 billion devices worldwide support Augmented Reality applications. AR and VR apps create new roadmaps for digital transformation and have the potential to disrupt traditional markets.

Now you can start fast & learn fast

With Fectar you can immediately start with your first Augmented and Virtual Reality Proof of Concept and analyze its performance with Fectar Analytics.

Create interactive manuals in AR and share knowledge

Enhance operations, maintenance and training

Prepare your work off- and on-site

Become an instant expert with on-demand knowledge for any task at hand. And you can share these interactive manuals with your customers as well, for First Time Right Diagnosis or for self servicing support.

Experiment with an Augmented Reality O&M interaction model with various types of specific information obtained through observing tradespeople's fieldwork activities.

Create all kinds of solutions


What a great way to start!

Introduce new employees in an innovative way, the first day at their new work.


Show your company

Innovative and customer oriented? If you talk the talk, you walk the walk with Fectar.

Amazing events

Get the most out of an event

Add more virtual space to your stand at an event. Your visitors will be amazed!


Just in Time Knowledge and Skills: sounds nice, but now you can find out how. 


This is active learning!

Place content in the right context and everything becomes relevant.

Board Message

Get the message across

With a holographic presentation of the board with more information. High impact guaranteed.

Pop Up Store

Any place, any time
Open a store where you want. Show your products and order these in AR.


Check info with any device

Manage your to-do lists, IT logs, and and other documents from anywhere at anytime.

Product Overview

Have a good look!

Show your products in a whole new way. Engagement and branding to the max!

PR Campagne

Attract attention

This will most certainly get the right attention for your campagne.


Holographic teachers

People communicate with people. So let a person do the lecturing.

Reuse 3D models

Design your product in 3D From that point on, this 3D model can be used in all phases and all purposes. 

Learn how to be successful with AR and VR

We're here to help

You can book a free consultancy with our experts to understand how we can enhance your business with our services.

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