Metaverse for Education

Start teaching in Virtual and Augmented Reality,
in the classroom and in Remote Teaching

    • Primary School
    • High School
    • University

Immersive learning in virtual and augmented reality
is rapidly expanding in education

Educational institutions, from primary schools to universities, are embracing new technologies. Fectar simplifies AR and VR learning by providing a free app that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and VR devices. 

VR & AR in the Classroom

Fectar offers a unique solution to use VR and AR in the classroom. With our special Classroom License, one teacher can work with 6 or more students with their own creator account in Fectar Studio. Once you have created your own interactive course material, invite your students to join you in an AR Remote Teaching session, with voice chat and more.

Primary Schools 

Our children are digital natives, and combining traditional learning methods with cutting-edge technology will accelerate their learning curve. Use our platform to present your lessons in augmented and virtual reality, or let us place your educational content on our platform. AR and VR can be valuable additions to almost any educational method.

DEMO: Scan QR for Live Cycle of a Frog

The process in which a tadpole turns into a frog is called metamorphosis, and it is an amazing transformation.

High school

You are free to display anything you want in any field of interest. Allow teenagers to work on multiple devices at the same time. With multiple students looking at the same content at the same time using Image Tracking. Augmented Reality in the classroom allows you to instruct using 3D models while maintaining eye contact with your students.

DEMO: The Orbit around the Sun

Our solar system consists of our star, the sun, and everything bound to its by gravity. See how the planets orbit around the sun.


By presenting your lessons in virtual and augmented reality, you can simplify complicated subjects. Students quickly adapt to this new method of immersive learning, and by involving them fully, you can teach them more quickly and effectively. And they can create their own virtual environments and share with others.

DEMO: Scan QR for Human Anatomy

Discover the human anatomy parts like the brain, lungs, heart, liver, circulatory system, and digestive system