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Every week we have free webinars:

Webinar: Augmented Reality in het Onderwijs (Dutch)

Tijdens deze webinar nemen wij jou mee in de wereld van Augmented Reality. Hoe pas je AR toe in het onderwijs en op welke manieren gerbruik je AR structureel in je lesmethode. Dit en nog veel meer vertellen wij tijdens deze interactieve 45 minuten durende webinar.

Webinar 1. Introduction into Augmented and Virtual Reality
     Demo's, showcases and best practices. We will share checklist, free content sources and more.

Webinar 2. Get Started With Fectar

     Learn how to create your own successful interactive 3D presentations for AR and VR. With Fectar Studio, you can get started without any programming.

Check out the available dates below:

Fectar makes it easy to be successful with Augmented and Virtual Reality. If you’d like to learn more about how it all works, register for a live demo.

Take part in webinars, demos and courses organized by Fectar. We have different location where you can participate at an event. Please contact us if you require others dates or times. We also provide webinars for groups.

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